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Ndi Okwu Na Uka

Ndi Okwu na Uka in my language refers to a group of people or individuals whose whole persona is deemed to be trouble/troublesome. This particular statement is used to describe a person or people who ferment trouble or are fond of disrupting a peaceful cohesion within an organized or unorganized structure.

These category of persons are rudely incorrigible, narrow minded and are riddled with superiority complex towards other people’s world view.To these sect life is a straight journey, anything existing other side their school of thought shouldn’t be pursued or investigated. They choose to remain delusional in most cases and seek to drag everyone else along even when hard facts and evidence is being presented so far it doesn’t follow what they are accustomed to ITS EVIL PERIOD!

Unfortunately a gross number of Christians fall into this category with their die-hard attitude towards demanding repentance from those who do not accept their faith or have the usual Christian vibe.

To be a Christian is to live like God, not to be God.

Matthew 7 : 1-3 “Judge not that ye be not judged ” This part of the bible has being conveniently disregarded by Ndi Okwu na Uka, they quickly judge and condemn people who do not believe in Christ even while living in a mortal sin. Some even go as far as wishing you death and brimstones simply because of your thought process.

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Christians who fall under this category of Ndi Okwu na Uka never fail to give you a morning brew of Chris Oyakhilome’s dose of morning devotion laced with a paragraph on repentance.

They fail to understand and accept that life isn’t a one shoe fit all neither should it be viewed through one lens rather through a multitude of them. They are quick to focus on the flaws of other religions/culture while they pretend that Christianity isn’t one of the most brutal religion.

The life of Mary queen of England also known as Bloody Mary is a typical example of Christian brutality

Ndi Okwu na Uka like I call them would never fail to curse and wish death on people who do not fall in line with what they believe in, be it through dressing, hair style, choice of profession, sexuality or mode of worship. They are engrossed with the perception that the only way to salvation and eternal life is through the unquestionable and unshakable faith in Christ and nothing more.

Lets digress, I was unfortunate to be in a bus travelling form Nnewi to Enugu, this minister started a sermon which he boldly asserted that apart of Christianity every other religion has a special seat in hell and this included ISLAM.

Christians who fall under this category of trouble makers lack the concept of diversity and tolerance .I for instance is a strong believer that their isn’t any specific way through which God should and could be worshipped.

It could be through screaming and sweating or by kneeling and arm stretched in supplication or through ancestral veneration etc.

Religion is a human construct ,designed to let us live in peace and harmony

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In my own understanding of religion their is God or an aspect of God at the peak of every human religion which conveys the message of love, humility, salvation and sacrifice,the diversity in each religion projects it strengths in essence none Is superior than the other.

An Igbo adage says “Egbe bere ugo bere nke siri na ibe ya ama m be………” this adage means live and let others live. It isn’t your place to judge, demean or demonize what you do not understand, but its your duty to either understand or ease off. The universe is a mystery with infinite possibilities do not limit your mind to just one universe, open your mind to see beyond your socialization.

Being a part of any religion is a privilege that shouldn’t be abused, no doubt Christianity was a tool for the subjugation of Africa but for how long should we keep apportioning blames instead of adjusting our seats to suit our present condition learning from the past and making worthwhile decisions.

Ndi Okwu na Uka i would leave you with this “Learn to ask questions on things you do not understand before declaring it as evil”. No one knows the mind of God , no one knows which religion is absolute , no one knows which religion creates a direct pathway to God, but we can all feel Gods love and presence across all religion that should be a reminder that we are after all human seeking divine clarification using things that are available to us.     


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