Metaphysic An Aspect Of Symbolism In Igbo Spirituality

Do we have the privilege, capacity or capability to self-actualize?  

The movie “Lucifer” gave me a different perspective on the world. It spoke to my soul in different human and alien languages. A popular scene in the movie which resonated with me in more ways than one, was the lost of “A presumed Identity as the consequences of his failure”.

The character Amenedial thought he had lost his angelic powers,as a result of his inability to carry out Gods will. He felt he was no longer worthy to be an angel, but he soon realized that even angle’s are susceptible human guilt and fear which could create or shape their reality. 

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This trait isn’t far-fetched to our perception of self in other words SELF ACTUALIZATION.

The interconnectedness of our reality is a loop of endlessness which we constantly joggle, even death is the transition to another reality and not the end. Our poor perception of time, matter and reality has judged certain practices (Astral projection Ije na muo ) as the enemy, but in reality it’s a practice as old as Methuselah. 

Representation or Symbolism in Igbo Spirituality exist in multipurpose forms, metaphysics etc…. 

The physical forms include things within our physical capabilities, which are abstract but have ascribed meaning to a certain group, the second form of Symbolism in Igbo Spirituality is Metaphysics.  

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies the ultimate nature of existence, reality, and experience without being bound to any one theological dogma. 

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Metaphysics plays an important role In Igbo Spirituality, which isn’t a one size fit all. In metaphysics realities are usually altered through experience, which can be personal or influenced but doesn’t take any systematized process . This means, we experience life and it create and shape us differently. 

Representation or Symbolism in metaphysics is understood through realities, for instance; Dreams, Apparitions, Being etc, even grand ideas such as; Chi ,Alusi ,life etc go beyond physical manifestation. 

To dream is to be in a different reality which enables the transmission of information. In Igbo Spirituality our dreams serve as a mutual ground for communication between familiar energies and our higher self.

Our physical reality can be altered by the kind of information we process. This alteration can either be negative or positive but particularly it depends on how you utilize those transmitted information. 

Dreams can also be a manifestation of our physical reality for instance a show of intimacy in your dream can be your mind playing trick or manifesting your physical desires while on the other hand it could be a call from your spiritual spouse. 

In Igbo Spirituality your dream is a pathway for communication, through which hidden knowledge can be revealed. Most shamans and healer has attested to learning their crafts through their dreams. A prominent example is the life journey of a female herbalist who granted an interview with BBC IGBO on how she learnt roots and herbs in her dream.


Ebere Herbals

Apparition as a symbol in Igbo Spirituality is the process of seeing things that aren’t physically present, but can be seen by a certain individual or a group. For instance; As a child I was opportune to have a strange apparition which came to me in form of a white fog that transformed into a man without any fire being on around that vicinity(Just like Moses and the burning bush).  

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Individuals such as diviners ,healers who exhibit characters and traits that doesn’t fall under the natural law of physics, are well understood within Igbo Spirituality not as agents of the devil, but mercenaries of the universe whom she has revealed her mysteries and mystics.

Metaphysic as an aspect Symbolism in Igbo Spirituality is the ultimate realization of universal difference and indifference. 


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