Uru-Agwu: The Antithesis Of Agwu.

Ihe kwuru,ihe anodebe ya {The law of binary)

The law of binary in Igbo Spirituality and Cosmology suggests that everything within the cosmos exist on binary terms,”Ihe kwuru,ihe anodebe ya”. Such as Enu and Ala (heaven and earth ), good and evil, male and female etc.

The concept of good and bad in Igbo cosmology stipulates that wherever their is good behind it or waiting to claw out is evil. That’s why “Power” remains untainted until its application, which then would determine it’s relevance to good or evil. This means “Absolute power doesn’t corrupt absolutely”, rather its wrong application corrupts absolutely.

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Agwu to Ndi-Igbo runs with akonauche, which inspires and lead a person to greatness, by inspiring an already creative individual. Just as the law of binary(Ihe kwuru,ihe anodebe ya) stipulates ,Uru-Agwu is a direct antithesis to Agwu and everything it represents.

While Agwu foster’s creativity, uru-Agwu dampens a person’s creative levels by encouraging different vice affiliated behaviors. Thereby making the individual disruptive and never calculative in work and personality.

Uru-Agwu : The Antithesis Of Agwu.

If such individual is gifted ,i.e. a Dibia. Uru-agwu can make such individual less efficient by self sabotaging the individual, into involving in promiscuous activity, drunkenness, infidelity, excessive clubbing, womanizing etc.

These behaviors would in return exclude or divide the said individual from his or her spirit guide rendering him/her useless and unable to help people who are in dire need of spiritual help.

During the process of Iru-Agwu, Ndi-uru-agwu as they are fondly called are given a place at the back of Okpensi Agwu. They are represented by two stems of Ogilishi and are often fed with the left hand.

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P.S : Maybe that’s why a genuine Igbo man or woman would never accept food or any item using his or left hand.

The purpose of this ritual is to placate Ndi-Uru-Agwu and set one free from such negativity and negative behaviors. Hence keeping the gifted rooted and focused as against the distractions and carelessness caused NDI URU AGWU.


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