Karmic Debts-Why You Shouldn’t Help Everyone you meet.

Someone asked me a question from one of my previous posts “On why you shouldn’t help everyone in need”. We’ve also had a similar conversation in our Odinaani Whatsapp group where we argued about the right way to assist people without partaking in their karma.

But before I start sharing the details, I’d start with a story, a friend shared with me in one of our research journeys to Umunze.

Now this story is strictly hearsay; My friend Mr. A has a friend Mr. B who also has a friend Mr. C. 

Mr. C suddenly leveled up and began to live an influential life after a very weird journey. Mr. A & B were tempted but know better than to ask questions. After a short while, Mr. B had a dream where he was warned seriously against helping  Mr. C when something bad happens to him later.

Mr. B woke up and didn’t dwell on the dream but after a while, Mr. C got really ill that friends had to contribute money for his hospital bills except for Mr. B. He insisted that he won’t contribute a dime for their cause, so he shared his dream with his friends, some laughed it off but something weird happened after, they were all struck with one form of discomfort or misfortune except Mr. B meanwhile Mr. C died afterward.

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A personal encounter I had was after my orientation camp in Niger, I was relocating to Enugu but was stuck in traffic around Maximum prison old park, one of the prisoners came to my window and was soliciting money, I took 1k out of the 3k I had and gave him but immediately I did that, I felt an energy drain and was weakened instantly with regrets, that was when I knew I shouldn’t have given him that money.

We constantly talk about karmic debts but we do not know how far it extends or how it affects us. Most conditions people find themselves in are the result of their accumulated karma from their former and current reincarnation.

Ugwo Onye Uwa JI-Karmic Debts.

Causes of Karmic debts.

  1. Karma as a result of degrading or disrespecting your ancestral altar: The so-called missionary did a fine job at manipulating Ndi-Igbo into destroying their ancestral shrines as a way to usher them into civilization. Individuals who propagated these ideas are therefore held accountable in their next or current reincarnation. Their current woes and tribulations are therefore a result of their careless actions- Ometelu Bulu.  
  2. Unlawful usage of a privileged position: We are quite aware that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This being the case, most wealthy and influential men have therefore used their position and privilege to keep people subservient and under their thumb. Their action and callous misuse of power breed a kind of karma that could keep them perpetually poor and miserable. 
  3. Ill-treatment of animals and the poor: Just as I mentioned earlier, we as human beings are quite powerful compared to animals which are more or less helpless when humans decided to hunt them seamlessly. Karma in this regard could cause you to live less than such an animal in your current reincarnation.
  4. Murder or human sacrifice to activate a PowerPoint: No action good or bad goes unpunished according to the laws of nature. Every action must be accounted for. Our total regard for the sacredness of human life is at the pinnacle of our ancestral belief system. Karma stemming out of this violation could cause an entire family to suffer for child or gender mortality which would eventually lead to the obliteration of such family unless they recompense for what they did.
  5. Influence of ancestral forces such as; spiritual spouse, ndi-ichie, or agwu: Ancestral spirits or personal spirits may decide to enact or exact some sort of misfortune on a person. Their action is targeted at achieving a response from an individual. This could be a way for them to warn of impending danger or simply to get your attention into acknowledging their existence. Arguments like this are perceived by Christians as archaic or demonic but are quick to forget Job 1-6, a part of the bible that talks about God and the devil bargaining to tempt a man or rather his faith.

We need to be aware that everything about nature has its loopholes which means there are ways to actually render aid without being tainted by a person’s karma.

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By the virtue of our human dispositions, we are moved by emotions and pity so the possibility of never helping another suffering individual because it could be dangerous or detrimental to you and your survival is something we do not stand a chance at. 

Therefore, our loopholes stipulate that instead of rendering direct monetary aid, you can carry out a form of business transaction instead. This means, instead of giving monetary aid, the individual you want to aid could sell you anything that doesn’t commensurate to the money you intend to give the individual in need but it’s quote on quote you rendering an aid.

We as a people are more inclined towards the absorption and exaltation of foreign or alien culture against our own indigenous beliefs, hence why the concept of “Karmic Debts” is barbaric, old, and demonic while the Catholic concept of “Baptism”{Isa chapu njo ekere uwa} is regarded as Godly.

Help Somto keep making research on Igbo Spirituality & Cosmology.

More than ever, our people are becoming more self-aware and returning to Odinaani, therefore their is a need to feed the right information to our new adherents. But like many media organizations & independent researchers, we are feeling the financial heat and it leads to stagnation in this work of uplifting our Igbo culture and spirituality. If you find my work valuable, please make a contribution to sponsor my next research- MY TIP JAR

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