Modern-Day Ima-Aka Ogwu: Aftermath Of Akwa Okuko Tiwaru Aki’s Grand Hotel Opening.

Our people have a saying “Ihe onye na amaro kariri ya- what a person doesn’t know is bigger than them”. The events of the past few days on Zuckerberg’s Facebook could be a cause of alarm for some who see these events as different from our ancestral practices or the way our ancestors practiced odinaani. 

Some even see the increasing trends of “Ima Aka” among Dibia’s and individuals who they regard as experts in mysticism as deviants and urge them to desist from such activities.

Well as we all know, I’m always indifferent in the way I perceive popular opinions and assertions. To me, these individuals forget that Ima-Aka is deeply rooted as part of our cultural activities and not the aberration of such.

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Already the usage of the internet and social media as a tool for advertising or disseminating useful pieces of information on the Igbo cultural and spiritual practices is already in constant observation by non-practitioners who are looking to score or see reasons to castigate the practice. We read their distasteful comments and how they implore us to take it down the notch because something they initially perceived as archaic and demonic is suddenly in their timelines.

I can go on and on giving facts about why listening to these particular sects is a waste of time and resources but then even some practitioners also see these events and urge the perpetrators to tone it down.

Their reasons could be to make these activities tolerable but in hindsight, they wish to make these practices acceptable to all and sundry. 

Well like I said earlier, Ima Aka is a deep-rooted culture practiced by Ndi Igbo. We also need to know that Ima aka is only possible through the usage of Ogwu and like I have numerously interpreted Ogwu which could be obtained through unnatural mixtures etc. 

That being said, we also need to understand that in as much as our ancestors use Ima Aka to exert themselves as “Odogwu akataka” they are also quite aware that these things do not come cheap or easy. They are also aware that the usage of this artificial intelligence could affect them by making them infertile or affect the productivity of future generations. So they set motions that would enable them to counter the effects of these Ogwu.

Currently, people are being dissuaded from engaging in such activities especially owing to the fact that in this current era, such things have been modernized into scientific and technological wonders.

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Some may think Ima aka which was done by our forebears is only limited to carrying out supernatural activities but their medical achievements were also considered as part of Ima aka especially within the herbal communities, expert diviners, experts in Ekili, experts in Uzu, etc also participate in Ima Aka in their own rights.

Finally, Ima aka in those days was solely used for entertainment, especially in intercommunal events or in times of war. So I’d advise those that care to participate to weigh and understand their strengths, and the consequences of instituting some ogwu or foreign power points/alter. They should also explore using their ogwu to scientifically and technologically develop our various communities just as it was done or practiced by our ancestors.


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