Rituals An Odinaani Adherent Should Constantly do?

The beginning of your Odinaani practice should not begin with the Dibia, it should begin with you understanding what Odinaani is and what odinaani concepts mean, t your relationship with these concepts, and how to interact with them. After which, you may begin to seek further guidance through the Dibia who would help align you to your Chi and other rituals.

  1. Igo Ofo-The first thing you should do is to learn about Odinaani and learn how to use Igbo spiritual items for Igo Ofo. You can achieve this through reading odinaani books and attending odinaani targeted lectures and events. This affirmation process of Igo-Ofo, creates a deep bond between you and your spiritual guilds. Igo ofo is mostly performed at the rising of the sun “Anyawu” with spiritual items such as Oji, Edo, Nzu, Ose Oji, and hot drinks, it can also be done with either of these items or with water when you do not have any of the said items. It can be done anywhere so far you have access to sunlight.
  2. Oru/Ike Ogbonauke- This is a negative energy that is usually gotten from Ndi-Otu Ogbo/Ndi-Otu Ogbanje. This particular group of Ndi-Otu is your age group/grade which suffered in life and died mysteriously, or they did not live long enough to perform their cosmic function or purpose. This makes them jealous and malignant and in return would plague you in an attempt to force you into becoming like them. This particular ritual is simply targeted at holding them off by giving/offering them sacrifices in order to buy more time and gain favor from them. 
  3. Ikpocha Ngwuru: This is similar to Ikpu Aru. As human beings, we are prone to different human interactions. This interaction creates room for afflictions from negative energies. Hence, it’s essential to perform this rite after hosting any events that are targeted at allowing different people into your home or personal space. It is also encouraged to perform this ritual at the beginning of every year, to cleanse the atrocities of the previous year whether it was committed by members of your family or by mare interaction with someone who is afflicted.
  4. Aja Umuada/Ike Umuada: When we talk about Umuada, we are making reference to Umuwanyi amuru na obi n’wuru anwu, even while married, a woman is performing this ritual to the women(Ada) in her father’s compound. Physically, these women’s sects are known to be troublesome, then imagin how they can be in the spirit realm.
  5. Iwu-Uchu/Orakwu- This negative energy is the result of Aru. It is highly contagious and mostly it has tendencies of repetition unless you are able to identify its root cause and address it. This negative energy can be gotten from mare sharing of clothing or personal items. 
  6. Aja Okporuzo: This ritual is beneficial for individuals with strong Ogbanje connections, and individuals with oru aka or ndi na azu ahia. 

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There are so many other important rituals that an odinaani adherent should constantly adhere to in order to maintain his/her access to the universe. Performing these rites or being an odinaani adherent is also accompanied by uprightness and decency, it is not an avenue to threaten people or expect them to fear you.

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