• Rituals An Odinaani Adherent Should Constantly do?

    The beginning of your Odinaani practice should not begin with the Dibia, it should begin with you understanding what Odinaani…

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  • What Does Cosmic Call Mean To Ndi-Igbo.

    What Does Cosmic Call Mean To Ndi-Igbo.

    It seems these days, everyone has a cosmic call, everyone refers to himself/herself as Nwa Mmiri, everyone’s cosmic call is…

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  • Difference between Aja and Ogwu in Odinaani

    Difference Between Aja And Ogwu. 

    Unfortunately, a knowledge gap is deterring us from fully understanding our ancestral way of life which include; our origin, how…

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  • Odinaani- Things That Cause Set-Back In A Person’s Life

    The performance of ritual sacrifices as a medium of exchange is deeply rooted in Odinaani and other forms of spirituality.…

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  • The Adverse Effects Of Okeite “Ogwu Ego” In Contemporary Times-Summaries From My Interview With Ochie Dibia.

    Growing up in Eastern Nigeria, tales of kidnapping and ritual killings were not just cautionary tales but our reality, especially…

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  • Modern-day Ima Aka Ogwu

     Modern-Day Ima-Aka Ogwu: Aftermath Of Akwa Okuko Tiwaru Aki’s Grand Hotel Opening.

    Our people have a saying “Ihe onye na amaro kariri ya- what a person doesn’t know is bigger than them”.…

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  • Should Ndi-Igbo Celebrate New Year According To The Gregorian Calender

       Should Ndi-Igbo Celebrate The New Year?

    First of all, I’d start by wishing my readers a good and fulfilled new year, and may our collective Chi…

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  • Polygamy is not an excuse for promiscuity in Igbo culture

     Modern-day Promiscuity In Odinaani.

    A few months back I was invited to help shoot a documentary on “Obscure Igbo Stories”, we traveled to Umuze,…

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  • Karmic Debts: Why you shouldn't help everyone.

    Karmic Debts-Why You Shouldn’t Help Everyone you meet.

    Someone asked me a question from one of my previous posts “On why you shouldn’t help everyone in need”. We’ve…

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  • The Incorporation Of Ikenga Statuettes

     The Incorporation of Ikenga Statuettes As Symbol Of Professionalism.

    Symbols have profound relevance in Igbo Spirituality and Cosmology, they give an adequate understanding of our spiritual practices and accounts,…

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