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  • How to destroy an ancestral alter peacefully- Source Pinterest

    How To Remove An Ancestral Alter Peacefully.

    The general reaction of a typical Igbo man would be to defend Europeanization and Christian missionaries for playing a key…

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  • Itu-Alusi

    Itu- Alusi

    Remember we analyzed Alusi as a modern-day court system, where plaintiffs come to resolve a dispute or seek justice, when…

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  • Reviving Our Ancestral Knowledge.

    Reviving Our Ancestral Knowledge.

    We live in an era of spiritual awakening. A vast majority of Ndi-Igbo both home and in the diaspora, are…

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  • The Igbo Creation Story -Source Goggle

    The Igbo Creation Story

    The ancient Igbo believed that he existed before manifesting in this earth. In the beginning, Chukwu (God) lived with men,…

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  • Why Does Spiritual Work Fail?

    I’d be going through some possible reasons why you keep repeating a particular form of sacrifice or ritual and also…

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  • Aluta

    Show me a hero, and I’ ll write you a tragedy.F. Scott Fitzgeral Nneji Obiora When a man feels entitled…

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  • Ndi Okwu Na Uka

    Ndi Okwu na Uka in my language refers to a group of people or individuals whose whole persona is deemed…

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  • What Were The Crimes Of Our Ancestors?

    What were the crimes of our ancestors? If you were asked to give a detailed information to the excessive demonization…

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