• Modern-Day Spiritual Vampires. How To Handle Or Avoid Them. 

    Modern-Day Spiritual Vampires. How To Handle Or Avoid Them. 

    In today’s society, we often hear about vampires in fictional stories and I bet most of your favorite Tv shows…

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  • Should spirit work be performed by an Unitiated.

    Should Spirit Works Be Performed By An Unitiated?

    The word Unitiated in the Igbo context means “Non-Dibia”, in our mother tongue we refer to these individuals as Ofeke…

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  • What Happens To A Deity When We Destroy It’s Okwu Mmuo?

    Okwu Mmuo also known as Obi Alusi, and known by the rest of the world as Shrine, is regarded as…

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  • hat Should You Depend On-Madam Nature Or Yourself?

    What Should You Depend On-Madam Nature Or Yourself?

    It’s funny how this post I’m about to write was inspired by a dream I just had, without sharing the…

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  • Rituals to identify who your real Chi is.

    How To Know Your Onye-Uwa “Reincarnating Spirit”, If It Is Confusing.

    Rooted in Igbo spiritual and cosmological beliefs is the concept of reincarnation. We believe that we live in a cyclic…

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  • The significance of Igbo Marital Rites

    The Significance Of Igbo Marital Rites-Igba Nkwu Nwaanyi.

    Ndi-Igbo believes in Odibendi, a term used to highlight the importance of communal cultural and spiritual practices. This attribute of…

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  • Why are spirit workers, and shamans more powerful than Christian folks.

    Why Dibia/Psychic Seems More Powerful Than Christian Pastors.

    I deter from using the word power in answering questions like this, rather I use the word knowledge as a…

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  • Igbo Divination- Osenabo

    Ose Nabo: Forceful Activation Of The Pineal Gland.

    Divination(Afa) is rooted within Igbo spiritual belief system, it is a necessary tool for ascertaining lingering issues or misfortunes either…

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  • Mkpukpa Ochiogu

    A Date With Mkpukpa Ochiọgụ

    Mother nature works in mysterious ways and coincides are part of it. Someone texted me yesterday about getting a referral…

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  • Iyi-Uwa: Cultural Interpretation Of Cosmic Contract.

    Iyi-Uwa: Oath Before Birth.

    A man went to a Dibia for divination to make enquires on why life is hard for him. The Dibia…

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