About Us

Ndi Oma, i know its being a long journey being here, i too passed through the same route towards self enlightenment and awakening.All my life I’ve always found myself to different and seeking a spiritual understanding to life.

Which ultimately has lead me to the life I’m leading now. I wont say it has being easy but it has being a revelation ,so i invite you to join me lets together understand who we are and what our mission is on earth.

Within us is the power to make everything wrong in our lives right only if we are willing to sacrifice to the sprits that dwell within us.So i pray that you find everything you are looking for and more with our help and guidance to prayer and reverence to our ancestors.



Most frequent questions and answers

Nwanne nke bu ezikwo(The actual truth) is that in Igbo cosmology we do not have the devil concept.Rather Ekwensu is the deity for crossroads and achievements.This means that we have being served some doctored bullshit,we never believed in the devil and the devil never existed to punish wrong doers in Igbo cosmology

Ahh yes na,

The believe in God(Chukwuabiama/Osebuluwa) is the foundation of Igbo Odinaala.We Igbos believes in serving God and keeping his commandments /laws as well as the Christians.

No we don’t. The bible as we know it is man made or rather human constructed. We therefore see the bible as a compendium for  instruction as we humans cant exist without one.But we do not see it other than what it is.

No we don’t but we believe in reincarnation.We see every human beings as a spiritual  being wearing the cloak of mortality in human flesh who would some day return to where him/her is coming from.  

First all power belongs to God and God created all things that we see including the river. The idols are mare effigies that are consecrated with the spirit of your ancestor and the first generation (Ndi Mbu) including Ndi Ichie of your linage.   

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